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For more than a decade, the Fox brand has shown what is truly possible with manufactured buildings, creating breathtaking tiny homes, granny flats and transportable buildings that customers in some of our area’s poshest neighbourhoods now have as an extension of their home. With the same luxurious appointments that you might see in some of Australia’s finest residences, the gap in comfort and aesthetic beauty between stick-built properties and Fox modular buildings has closed to the point where the two are indistinguishable from the inside and, often, from the outside as well.

Larger floorplans, same trusted process

One of the most compelling benefits of going with a prefabricated home from Fox is the incredible speed with which we can deliver a fully completed, habitable home. Once a suitable lot has been acquired, building a traditional home can easily take a year or longer, from the design phase to the final move in. At Fox Modular, we can often fully complete a home and have it ready for habitation within as little as four weeks. And this typically comes at significant cost savings over stick-built properties.

What makes such a rapid completion of otherwise hugely complex building projects possible is our established process. Because Fox uses a similar proven process for each unit we build, including construction in our climate-controlled, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we can avoid the weather delays, subcontractor coordination problems and a whole litany of other issues that arise from working on custom projects in an uncontrolled environment, often with different crews who have never worked together before.

Through effectively insourcing the entire contracting endeavour, from architecture to electrical, drywall and plumbing, Fox has refined its construction process to a science.

Our process is centred entirely around the customer

Unlike some of our competitors, who have a take-it-or-leave-it attitude regarding the products that they offer, Fox Modular will finish a home precisely to the customer’s specifications. Whether the customer desires a fancy interior or a plain one, whether they want a fully finished interior or would like to complete it themselves, whether they would like an open floorplan with cathedral ceilings or something more traditional and cosy, every aspect of a Fox Modular home is as customizable as our clients would like.

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The Fox Team has More than a Decades Experience in Parallel Markets

The key difference between full modular homes and the other types of residential units that Fox has constructed for more than a decade is in their size. Most granny flats have a government-imposed maximum size of around 60 square meters. The tiny houses that Fox builds are considerably smaller than that.

While these units can provide plenty of space for economically minded residents, there is still far broader appeal for larger homes. Modular homes can accommodate those who want all the benefits of modular construction along with a more traditionally sized living space. Fox modular homes can build customised units as large as 200 square meters or more while providing the same rock-solid construction and luxuriant interiors that have won the praises of hundreds of customers.


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