Working on the final touches of a modular home build

A Perfect Set Up With a Winning Team

Fox Modular Homes combines efficiency, affordability, and innovation. As an Australian owned and operated a company, we know exactly what fits the Australian tastes. Whether you want a simple weekender by the countryside or a home that stands out in a posh neighbourhood, we have the answer.

Licensed professionals design our prefab homes, which are all built according to Australia’s Building Codes. An engineer certifies our products first to ensure that our clients get the best out of their money. Our modular homes are built undercover and will be quickly transported to your location in the country.

A modular home side on getting the final touches done to it before delivery to a client

Good Management Makes It Possible

Our management team has acquired the experience necessary in a modular house, as well as environmental science and production engineering. We have brought together individuals with a blend of skills from different sectors to generate an engineered product.

Aside from our workforce, we also have a manufacturing plant that has enough space for designing and building custom modular buildings for residents. Our facility has a factory with a high ceiling that allows crafting a well-designed home. We guarantee quality construction, which you will witness the moment the prefabricated house arrives.


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The Factory and the Processes

The factory has always been involved in the procedure right from the start. Every project is different, and we want to make sure that the design we have finished is something you would be happy about. Our factory, from its location to the space available, you know you can never go wrong with Fox Modular Homes.

During the process, we analyse your plan with the help of our architects. This way, we can be sure that the completed design is one that you would be proud to call home.

Compared to traditional homes built onsite, our modern prefab homes are constructed within a short period. You do not have to wait several months to see the house right in your desired location. As soon as the building process is complete, it will be installed in a matter of days.

All services, materials, and trades of projects are managed and supervised in our factory. It becomes an easy procedure to accomplish because we always have a team of professionals giving guidance. Therefore, it does no matter what type or style a client has selected. We are confident that we can complete all tasks and projects at the specified deadline.

A Unique Set Up for a Superior Result

We go above and beyond in every aspect; we listed a few below:  

  • There is a common misconception regarding prefab homes that they look like one another. It is not true because we can guarantee that our modular homes have no limitations with designs. Your home can be a Mediterranean or even a conventional colonial structure.
  • Adding windows of various styles or architectural details should not be a problem as well. Almost all plans can be designed as modular homes. Therefore, you can truly create your dream space.
  • Your home will be constructed in sections in our factory, which is a climate-controlled area. Once a section is finished, it will be transported to the location or the building site. It will be assembled using cranes, just as if a child is making a house out of building blocks.
  • At this point, it should be clear that a modular home is not the same as a manufactured home. The huge difference is that modular homes can no longer be moved once they have been set in place. The foundations will be set as well.
  • Modular homes are quick and cost-effective – even more affordable than traditional homes built onsite. Construction is completed faster, and you will not hear about delays caused by the weather. Additionally, a third-party inspector will perform the inspections at the factory before transporting each section to its permanent location.

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