Fox Modular was formed by individuals who value innovation, sustainability, quality, and affordability. We design and build functional modular houses that you would be proud to call your own. Each project is intended for a particular site, and all passive design strategies are carefully considered along with the requirements of the client.

We offer unlimited style options, and we guarantee that every Modular Home is a result of collaborative efforts with our clients. Our experts have a combined experience in development, design and construction methods. Fox’s extensive list of completed projects means we have ties with many other professionals such as architects, engineers, industry organisations and consultants.

Innovative Designs

Homeowners always have a unique proposition. Fox Modular is aware and recognises this fact, which is why we offer our clients custom homes as well as predesigned options. These homes are all architecturally designed while our architects supervise the construction process.

Our prefabricated modular homes start with a concept, giving us a view of the possible layouts that we could go for. We scrutinise the floor plans, and we utilise 3D computer modelling technology to analyse the pros and cons for each potential change. Our techniques are exhaustive, but we think it's worth it. We also encourage our clients to participate in this process too if they wish.

Some people demand to stand out while others wish to stay committed to the design they have in mind. These goals are not always achievable if we stick to the generic-looking modular homes of the past 20 years. With the advances in technology and our expertise, we strive to accommodate our client's requests and wishes. This way, you can be a part of “the next big thing” in the modular housing sector.

Sustainability and Environment

A view of the city of Perth from the hillsFox Modular believes that using technology can help minimise the impact of housing and construction on the environment. A home does not have to be expensive to produce or be costly when it comes to maintenance and energy bills - This is why we support and use Solar technology where possible.

We always take the time to analyse your ideas and plans together with you, so the size of your home doesn't matter when it comes to energy efficiency. At the same time, we formulate an action plan that ensures the windows, shading, and insulation options will control the temperature in the most natural way possible.

Your home will be built offsite in our factory. During this time, your land will remain untouched as we work on your home. Fewer materials are required while lowering the amount of waste we produce. We follow a system that enables most sites to avoid the need for excavation, including those properties located on a slope.

We offer a variety of options to our clients that support the health and sustainability of our planet. These options include the use of paints and stains with low VOCs, solar panels and hot water systems, and many others.


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Exceptional Quality

Fox Modular makes sure that the highest standards are maintained with every home design and project. All construction phases are supervised and managed thoroughly. We have developed an efficient system, especially with quality control. We believe that it is one of the most important aspects of all modular home projects.

After each design process, we engage with architects and other experts. It usually takes place during the documentation phase. During this time, these other professionals will independently review the plans, which consist of the design components and schedules..

When it is time for the construction phase to begin, we keep a close eye at every step of the way. We usually conduct inspections daily to ensure that the quality is maintained and any issues are addressed in a timely fashion.

Fox Modular never settles for just “acceptable” building methods. We want to meet your expectations – or even better, exceed them.

Value for Money

Fox Modular will only ever present you with a ‘true value for money’ home proposal. We can provide you with multiple quotes so you can determine exactly how much you will spend, and on what upgrades, items and features. When the concept is finally determined and set, we can give you a fixed price that will be established upfront.

We know there is nothing worse than unexpected costs during a project. We always do our best to avoid such situations, which is why we keep costs controlled. You will never have to worry about cost blowouts throughout the project duration - We typically assign a project manager who will keep your budget right on track.

Modular homes are identified as money-savers, but we want them to be more than that. We want to give you a cost-efficient home that will be worth every penny you spend.

Prioritising Customers

Our customers are our main focus. Your design wants, and requirements combined with our expertise will give you the result that you will be satisfied with. Fox Modular is your best choice for an affordable, high-quality, and sustainable modular home that is built to last.

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