Fox Modular specialises in modular homes. Our goal is to turn your dream home into a reality. Whether you want a big country style house, a simple granny flat, or even an elegant home office - we can build it for you.

Every project is unique, but one thing is for certain: we make sure your completed home is one that you will be happy to live in for years to come. Fox Modular has a team of skilled professionals that guide our clients while directing the project in each of the following stages:

Take a look at our designs and choose the right layout for you. You can select from our two to five-bedroom homes or you can visit our display village. We have dedicated experts waiting to meet you in person to help you get acquainted with our processes and designs.

Our opening hours are:

Monday - Thursday from 8:00 - 17:00

Fridays 8:00 - 16:00

Saturdays 9:00 - 15:00

Note that we are closed on Sundays and public holidays.

You can contact us by phone during the aforementioned hours, or you may also fill out the form on our website so you can schedule a meeting during your preferred time and date.

The cost? Absolutely free with no obligations whatsoever.

Setting up an appointment is quick and easy. After your initial visit, you can book a consultation with one of our design experts to talk about your project brief. We urge our clients to be as detailed as possible. Provide us everything from your basic requirements to your dream wish-list, and we’ll do our best to accommodate and design it.

The meetings can take at least an hour, but we guarantee that it will be productive and well worth your time. Talking to one of our team members does not oblige you to get into a deal or sign a contract with us. You are still free to find another builder if you are not happy with the consultation or our service.

Nevertheless, Fox Modular has been known to provide useful advice on planning, design, budgeting, logistics, and more. We help you define your brief, fit-out specification, as well as your locational needs. We are confident that you cannot get better service than ours and our previous customers tend to agree.

If you are ready to work with us, we will assist you in various aspects of the building process, such as the construction budget. It is important to establish the cost of the project at this point. This way, you will get a rough estimate as to how much you will spend. At the same time, it is necessary to confirm the finishings of the house and the style you desire.

This stage also involves talking about site specifics. Our architects may visit the project site, and its surroundings will be inspected to make sure we have a full scope of the area. We will also spend time to discuss whether you need a premade option or whether you require something more customised. Provide us with your inspirations as well as your concerns. The details you give us will be used to come up with a project plan that best suits your area.

After the land inspection, we will discuss the house style that suits the area and its orientation. We will then be able to present you with our design, which is the next step.

Most clients already have a design in mind, and it is our job to help bring it to life. Some parts of the design may not work, which therefore requires a little bit of tweaking. We will discuss the needed changes with you and work to make sure that you’re happy- after all, we want you to be completely satisfied with the final design.

At this stage, you will learn about the concept design of the project. It includes the floor plan, along with the entire site plan. You will get a grasp on the windows, doors, access, and other details. We will tailor a design that meets your needs and tastes.

In some cases, our designers will even prepare an interactive 3D model of your future home. You will see the proposed design during our next meeting.

All in all, you will get the following pieces of information:

  •  Report on the property
  •  Complete project details
  •  Design concepts
  •  Cost estimate
  •  Specifications, possible modifications, and other options
  •  Summary of required reports

The cost for the above works will vary depending on the size of the project and its complexity. A more substantial dwelling that has more than three bedrooms may have a preliminary design fee of around $3,000. If you or the council demands that any changes be made once these are completed, there may be a small service fee.

Clients want a detailed breakdown of the possible expenses for the project. Fox Modular will keep everything simple. We will prepare a fixed price costing, which already includes all the necessities. We will also add in the services from other professionals such as engineers and assessors.

At Fox, we guarantee that there are no hidden costs. You can either approve or reject the costing proposal. If there are any revisions, discuss it with the designers. We are happy to provide a certain number of modifications within reason. We will update the costs every time, and you will know what has changed on the design. This way, you will stay on top of your budget, and we can move forward comfortably.

If you accept the proposal, the next step is to sign a preliminary agreement. You will also need to pay a deposit. This preliminary deposit will vary depending on the size of the project. It will be deducted from the total project cost that will need to be paid at a later date.

Before signing this particular agreement, make sure that you have confirmed the requirements, including the design brief. Our experts will talk to you about the schedules and the timeframe of the project.

Some clients do not require formal council approval. However, if your site needs to go through it, Fox Modular will diligently prepare the documentation for you. We will submit the required papers on your behalf if you wish. This way, you do not have to take care of the processing on your own. We will coordinate with other agencies, as well as other relevant surveyors if they apply in your case.

How much will this process cost you? It all depends on whether or not you need a planning permit. If you do, the amount of money you will have to pay will depend on the Council’s requests when it comes to the reports needed. The services of those consultants will also add to the project cost.

Other fees that may be included are the requirements for energy rating, site surveying, soil reporting, and BAL rating. All these pieces of information are normally needed to finalise the drawings, which will be discussed below.

The first design process is mainly to conceptualise your home, but now it gets more serious. Our team of designers will develop the design and refine it for you. This procedure is necessary, and the result is a home that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Once all the planning permits have been acquired, it is time to come up with detailed drawings. These drawings will also show you how each section will be constructed. At this stage, you are more than welcome to provide the fixtures and finishes that you would like to use in your new home.

The design will already include the colours and specifications of the house. A colour consultant will be with us along the way to assist further if needed. Such details may sometimes be overlooked by customers, but we believe that these details are essential in adding life to your new house. The consultant will also work with you and our team to come up with a range of interior and exterior finishes for the surfaces, flooring, and more.

Once the design plans and other costings have been accepted, everything can be wrapped up and can begin drafting the contracts to sign.

As mentioned above, Fox Modular will prepare the planning drawings. They will be reviewed by our architects and engineers, which will be subject to Council approval. If the plans are approved, you will receive a full set of drawings, which include the interior specifications. These drawings will show the final schedules and details.

Fox Modular will also prepare a standard Housing Industry Association (HIA) housing contract for customers with full suite documentation of their home. You will need to sign the agreement first before a building permit will be organised. Later, we will lodge the documents to proper agencies after reviewing and finalising them.

In extremely rare cases where applications for permits are declined, you can talk to us about a refund on unspent portions of your deposit. You also have the option to retain the amount as a ready credit for your next project.

Many homeowners are excited about this next step. It is when the construction phase happens. With the HIA agreement in place, you will know the scope of the service, along with all the inclusions. When the building permit has been issued, we will begin constructing your home at our factory.

We can have you home ready in as little as three months. However, it can also take longer, depending on the size and design of the house. Regardless of the timeframe, you will always be updated. We will provide you with all the details you would want to know about the construction of your house. If you have any questions or concerns that you wish to be addressed, you are welcome to call us at any time.

Most of the time, our production team will build the house to about 95% completion. Some minor aspects will be left to be settled on site. While we take care of the construction in our facility, we have a separate site team inspecting and working on site. They will prepare things like the electrical connections, plumbing pre-lay and the footings. This way the site is ready for the building to be delivered once completed.

If there is one thing that our clients look most forward to, it is the delivery of the modules to site. Once construction is completed, your home is delivered to the project site. Most modules will be installed right away onto the foundations that have already been prepared, while in other cases more onsite work may be required to lift/join. Delivery should normally take a day or two to complete.

Fox Modular proudly services all of Perth and Western Australia.

For one to two weeks after delivery, the connections and minor construction work on the site will take place. The timeframe can vary depending on the scale of the installation. At this point, we will take care of all the finishing touches. If you have a veranda, deck, carport, or other extras, they will be installed during this time.

After the installation, we add the final internal touches.

Finally, it's time to move into your home and live happily ever after. We will personally hand you the keys and the Certificate of Occupancy. We will provide you with a guided tour through your new home so you can see the finished product first hand.

The detail and design of the house will be exactly as you selected a couple of months earlier. If there are any minor issues, you can contact us anytime for rectification. Our service comes with a standard 6-month defect warranty.

Get started with Fox Modular Homes today!

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