If you’re looking for a leading company who specialises in the design and build of quality prefab homes throughout Perth, WA, rely on Fox Modular. With an extensive range of prefabricated home designs, all of which are completely customisable, built off-site in our Perth factory and made to be fully transportable, our experienced team of sales and design consultants are here to help you find a superb prefab home design that suits your needs entirely, at an affordable price.


Whether it’s a spacious two-bedroom home for a young couple, or a larger four-bedroom home for a family, our prefab home designs are well-thought-out and designed with both form and functionality in mind. See our full range of stylish, yet affordable prefab home designs here.


With over a decade of experience in designing and building prefabricated homes in Perth, WA, our team have raised and set the benchmark when it comes to delivering outstanding quality prefab homes, for less. Aside from this, we proudly rely on only superior Australian materials for each of our builds and ensure our client’s needs and wants are at the forefront of our mind from start to finish of a project. We’re the most trusted company for prefabricated homes in Western Australia, and when you rely on us for your prefab build, you’ll quickly learn why.

Want to see our brand-new display home built in our factory where you can see and learn more about our prefabricated homes? Get in touch and leave your details below.



Leave your details below to come and see our brand new display home built in our factory and learn what makes our design and build process so unique and innovative.

Yes, we have a Fox Modular prefab display village in Gnangara and we welcome you to visit and chat to one of our experienced design consultants.


Depending on your needs and wants, we have a combination of many standard sizes, but our team can also customise to suit any specific prefab design requirements you have. View our prefab designs above.

Our Fox Modular prefab homes differ in price depending on your inclusions, the size of the home, and its location. If you would like any further information, please contact us on 08 6117 5714.

Yes, you can. With our prefab designs, you have complete control. If you love one of our designs and want to make changes, please get in touch and we will work with you to get you exactly what you want.

In some circumstances, our prefab homes may be joined to existing homes and structures. If you're interested or would like to know more, please get in touch today.

The project times for our prefabricated homes vary from job to job, but we normally allow a minimum of 3 months from signing the documentation to turnkey. At Fox Modular, we treat every project differently, so we always recommend getting in touch with our team to discuss the specifics and the current lead times if time is a priority for you.

You can choose your internal and external finishes for your prefab home when our Fox team run through all your selection options during your prestart session. You can also use any of our prefab homes on display as inspiration.

If sustainability is at the forefront of your mind, your dedicated Fox team will go through your plans and come up with a suitable plan for your prefab home design. This plan will involve us looking your shading, window, and insulation options to control the temperature in the most natural way possible.

Delivery and installation time will vary, but once delivered, the majority of on-site installation is completed in a single day. Modules are bolted together and then made watertight before services are connected to ensure the modules are operational. For addition/extension modules or larger, more complex projects, installation time may take a little longer.

Once a soil test has been conducted, an appropriate footing system will be designed for your site. Our standard footings system replaces the need for leveling equipment or extensive earth moving and our footing locations are determined by our plans and the pre-built modules are fastened to the footings. We also consider the prefabrication design closely to minimally affect any existing flora or fauna in the area.

Our Fox Modular prefab homes are eligible for the First Home Buyers Grant; however, we encourage you to engage and speak with the governing authority to ensure that your situation and circumstance make you eligible.

With every Fox Modular prefab home we construct and install, we provide a standard 7-year structural warranty.


The cost of each Fox Modular prefab home is simply the sum of the parts. Our standard inclusions form the basis of each project costing and upgrades can be made to nearly all external items including decking and external finish upgrades as well as any internal upgrades such as heating and cooling, which would all be priced separately.

With our Fox Modular prefabricated homes, you can include anything you like from our inclusions list. We aim to ensure our clients know exactly what they’re getting and how much it will cost, with no surprises along the way.

If you need finance advice for your prefab home, we’re happy to assist where we can. If securing finance is proving tricky, we can put you in touch with lenders who are more familiar with the prefabricated housing industry.

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