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Home Specifications

Beds BathBath House AlfrescoAlfresco TotalTotal
5 2 150m2 25m2 175m2

The Norman is intended for large families. However, it has a flexible design. It is sure to meet your needs, whether you are a couple planning to start a family, someone looking to downsize, or searching for a home for your extended family.

It may be a modest design without looking like a modernist, but it is unique, efficient, and sustainable – the true essence of a modular home. On the outside, it thrives on simplicity. It can blend well with the other homes in the neighbourhood, looking like a traditional house.

At the same time, it comes with a smart design that is perfect for those who are searching for a laidback yet distinctive style.

The Norman has a total of five spacious bedrooms. It has three baths as well, making it an excellent choice for families. During the designing process, the aim was to make the Norman an ideal option for those who would often have celebrations and get-togethers.

An open floor plan is typically viewed as an interior challenge, but the Normal effortlessly blends dining and living areas. The design creates a separation between the two rooms but still preserves the open flow of the space. The result is a dining room that is accessible through the living room and vice versa. This way, you or the guests can get to and from either of these rooms incredibly easy.

The rooms are versatile, spacious, and airy. The Norman is indeed the design to go for if you are looking for a humble modern home. Dining and living rooms come equipped with space-savvy and premium furniture pieces.

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Now, let us talk about the kitchen, which is a section that you do not want to ignore. It features a kitchen island, allowing everyone in the house to grab a snack no matter what time of the day. The kitchen design perfectly matches your lifestyle. It is spacious and well-ventilated, so you can work your magic in preparing food without feeling suffocated. Additionally, everything is within your reach, whether it is the fridge or the sink.

The main bath, on the other hand, is huge with its full-size bathtub. To keep it classic, a black and white colour scheme is the way to go. Of course, you can always go bold with statement wallpaper, which you can add later on. The bathroom also has excellent fixtures, decorative accessories, and cabinetry, among others. It is directly connected to the laundry room, so you can conveniently wash your clothes.

It is easy to see that the three baths in the Norman are meticulously designed. After all, it is how bathrooms should be. From the custom tub to the fancy floor tiles to the enviable vanity installed, you will surely make the bathroom one of your favourite parts of your modular home.

The five bedrooms are large so that everyone can have a comfy sanctuary at the end of an exhausting day. The layout is simple, yet it works well, especially for families. Three bedrooms are connected with one another while the other two are by the dining and living areas. All rooms have easy access to one of the three baths.

These rooms are customisable according to your needs. You are more than welcome to transform one into a study or recreational room.

Outside, there is adequate space where you can fit a carport. Let us also not forget about the spacious alfresco area where you can invite your friends over for some drink or conversation. With Australians looking forward to enhancing their patio living space, the Norman offers you the chance to have an outdoor room you can throughout the whole year.

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